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A Note From The Webmaster

"Can you help me put this bin up in my closet? It's kind of heavy. Full of my old articles."

The request seemed easy enough. I usually found something that needed fixed, moved, or programmed when I visited my Grandma Schreiber. It was a nondescript green thing, the kind of plastic storage container you'd find at Target. I thought of the National Archive in D.C. and how those documents are kept in temperature-controlled, light-sensitive cases to preserve them for future generations. These newspaper clippings weren't getting the proper treatment in that bin, so I decided that they should be

Mary Jane Schreiber
Springfield News-Sun
Women's Editor

scanned into the computer and kept digitally so that our

family will always have them. Then it hit me—I wasn't the first person to think that. I had heard others in the family say that before.

I took the bin home with her permission, and then the work began. I had to force myself not to read her columns while scanning them for fear that I'd never finish. It wasn't until they were all safely digitized that I was able to explore the treasures she keeps in that mundane plastic tub.

I hope you enjoy these columns as much as I did. Like me, you may wish she had never unplugged that type-
writer. — J.B.

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What's Inside

On The Distaff Side
The majority of Mary Jane's columns were printed under this title.

Around The Town
The precursor to the On The Distaff Side column.

Feature Articles
From time to time over the years, Mary Jane also had front page features that were either single human interest stories or several stories continuing a single topic.

Chuck's Corner
The man of the house gets his say. Charles L. Schreiber wrote a guest column every year around the holidays.

Odds & Ends
Newspaper clippings that don't fit in any of the above categories. Everything from an interview with Joan Crawford to the announcement that Mary Jane was moving on.

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